We work to organise fund­raising events, big and small, from rock concerts to fun days, to mini-­cruises, fairs and auctions. We do raffles, sell cakes, shake buckets…whatever it takes to raise money to make a difference to people’s lives. We have some wonderful sponsors, with whom we work closely, spreading the word by radio, press, exhibitions and also using our website, Facebook and Twitter to promote events and show results. Sometimes we just get a call with a voluntary donation from big­hearted people or companies.

What We Do

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What We Do

For the needy; the challenged; the infirm; orphans, homeless, underprivileged…

That’s where we spend every euro, every centimo! We regularly help protected children and orphans, by providing food, clothes and warmth, and a few extra comforts, the same for a homeless shelter and hospice. We promise to maintain these gestures, along with helping new causes. Life can be difficult- fighting illness, emotional or physical hardship, coping with a loss. All are challenges and our aim is to help by gestures or by providing an aid to alleviate their condition or situation.